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Interacting with parents...


Please be friendly and respectful with parents. If a problem or a conflict should occur and you feel comfortable dealing with it, please do so in a respectful manner. If you are not comfortable dealing with the issue, please tell them to contact me or tell them you will contact me and keep them posted. If you do ask them to contact me, please let me know either via text, email or call so that I know what to expect.



When a parent asks about another dance school...


Remember that the more students we have, the more teaching hours I can give you! Though you are all permitted to teach in other studios, please don't share this information with our customers. If they are looking for a class that we do not currently offer, please tell them you will let me know. I will do my best to make it happen!


Words that should describe you and your dance classes...


Inclusive, engaging, energetic, technical, creative, fun, happy, exciting, caring, passionate, respectful, kind, friendly, calm, consistent...




It is very important that all classes are led in an inclusive manner. Here are a few tips on how to make sure each class is inclusive:


1. Be sure to say everyone's name at least TWICE in a positive manner during EACH class. Be specific with your positive comments. Instead of saying "Good job Kaitlyn" you could say "Kaitlyn, those are really great skips today!".


2. If someone is sad or does not want to participate, get them to be your special helper or the leader for Across the Floor. Avoid having children sit out during class. Parents are paying a lot of money for these classes and they do not want to see their children sitting out. If a child is sad, you can have them hold your hand or give them a special role. Even when a child is hurt or not feeling well, they can still participate by sitting out and being your special helper (they can give corrections, tell you who they think did it best and why...). Of course, this wouldn't work with the 2-3 year olds. Try your best to make sure everyone is included and having fun.


3. When 2-3 year olds cry during their first class because they want their parents, feel free to start the class with Freeze Dance & Streamers or start the class by giving all the children a sticker. Tell them If they put their tears away, they will get another sticker at the end of the class.  It can take time for little ones to get used to the new routine so be patient and let them know they can trust you.


4. It is often great to begin a class with children sitting in a circle. This often helps students feel included right from the beginning.


Behavioral Management...


1. With the 2-3 year olds, start your classes with everyone sitting in a circle.


2. Have simple rules that all children can understand. Have them help you create rules. When I tell kids we are not allowed to run in the studio, I ask them why they think we have this rule and even some of the 2 year olds will answer that they might fall and get hurt if they run. As teachers, you can set your own rules for your students. Some of you might think it's best to go over rules at the beginning of class and some of you might rather bring up rules as issues come up. Choose whatever works best for you.


3. Be consistent with rules and consequences. Consequences can be that the class will not get to play with the streamers or no one will get a sticker. If the problem is really only with one child, then perhaps that child does not get a sticker. If a child does not get a sticker, please communicate the reason to the parent or caregiver. Most parents are understanding but we don't want anyone leaving with an upset child wondering why their child was the only one who did not get a sticker. A consequence should never be sitting out. As much as possible, try to make your classes flow. If children are engaged and having fun, they are less likely to misbehave. We do want everyone to have streamer time and stickers at the end!




It doesn't happen often but it's always best to be prepared. First Aid Kits are included in all Dance Bags. The one at the TSP also includes an ice pack. Since this is a one time use ice pack, please only use it when someone really needs it. If a child bumps their head and they are in tears, it's probably best to use the ice pack. When a child gets hurt in class, please notify the parents. Please notify me as soon as possible if it is something serious (like a head bump, or a twisted ankle). If parents contact me, I want to be informed.


Children should not be allowed to dance wearing socks (unless they have grips underneath). If a child forgets their ballet slippers, please suggest to the parents that they remove the tights and let the child dance barefeet. We want to avoid all slips and falls.


If you notice something unsafe in your dance space, please rectify the problem before the start of your class.




If you need ballet music, please let me know. Over the years, I have accumulated many ballet CDs. For the little ones, I highly recommend using the Pre Ballet CD from Craig Wingrove. If you have your own music, please don't hesitate to use it!


Teachers teaching the Rhythm & Movement (Mommy & Me) classes will be provided with a CD. Please remember that you are not to teach this program in other studios/progams/establishements. Since we only have a couple of copies of this CD, please leave it in one of the Dance Bags once you are finished with it so other teachers can borrow it.




Use as much imagery as possible in your classes. Children respond well to it and it generally helps them remember exercises all while making everything more fun. If you need some ideas, please let me know!




This year's recital will be on Sunday June 19th.  All teachers, teachers' assistants and supply teachers will be expected to be there. We can always use as much help as possible! The recital takes place in the gym at TSP.


I usually invite friends of mine who are dancers to perform. Parents and children love to see experienced dancers perform. If you would like to perform or know anyone else who might be interested, please let me know and we will make it happen!


Finally, enjoy your classes!

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