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Children's Dance Classes

Rhythm & Movement - Classes for parents and tots between 18 months and 3 years old. Action packed classes designed so that you and your toddler can spend quality time together while having fun. Streamers, bean bags, hula hoops, scarves and a parachute make these classes exciting for you and your little ones! 


Pre Dance - A fun class that will get your little ones to use their imagination while creating movements through imagery and play! Children will learn to skip, gallop, leap, turn while learning the art of story-telling through dance. Props include story books, streamers, bean bags, and scarves.  Perfect for 2-3 year olds.


Hip Hop Tots - An  exciting class that will get your


little ones moving while exploring and developing gross


motor skills. Props include  streamers,


bean bags and scarves.  Perfect for 2-4 year olds.


Pre Ballet- Designed for 2-3 year olds, this class introduces primary ballet techique through imagery and play! Children wil learn to skip, gallop, leap, turn and so much more, Props include streamers and scarves.


Ballet- With different level classes for students between 4 and 10 years of age, students will be introduced to ballet technique through imagery and play. 


Boys' Class- A great classs for boys from ages 5-8. A combination of Jazz, Hip Hop and Acrobatics. 


Jazz/Hip Hop- Fun and energetic classes that focus on jazz and hip hop techniques. Age appropriate music will be used in this class as well as age appropriate movements.


Musical Theatre- Act , dance and sing! Fun, energetic classes that focus on Dance, Drama and Voice techniques. Children will gain confidence while improving their coordination and flexibility. Age appropriate music will be used in this class.


Acrobatics- A combination of Dance and Gymnastics. Using mats, children will learn to tumble, improve their flexibility and learn fun choreography. Props include mats, gymnastic ribbons, and scarves.


Choreography- This class is designed for students who love to dance and who are interested in taking more than 1 class/week. In this class students will be introduced to a variety of dance styles including contemporary, jazz and hip hop. Students will develop performing and choreography skills. Students will create dances on their own, in pairs and in groups. We will put these dances together to create our recital piece.


Tap - Children will learn a variety of tap steps through imagery and play. Lots of noise and definitely lots of fun! 




"...Carolyn's extensive experience working with young children is evident as she is able to respond to their individual needs on the spot---drawing them in when they are hesitant, reining them in when they are rambunctious, and reassuring them when they are frustrated---all the while keeping the class flowing and making the experience fun for all."




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