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7 reasons why should your child dance with DWC?


1. Creativity,Non-Verbal Communication & Problem Solving: Our classes encourage creativity and imagination. All of our children's classes offer a balance of technique, imagery, creativity and play. Your child will learn the art of story-telling through movements and have the opportunity in each class to let their imagination run wild and create their own movements. Children are taught to communicate their feelings, thoughts and ideas in a non-verbal manner. Dance helps children think through different perspectives and solutions.


2. Increased Self-Esteem,Confidence & Self- Regulation: At Dancing With Carolyn!, all of our classes are inclusive. This means that no matter your child's circumstances (a broken arm, a bad day at school, a disability, or seperation anxiety) , our teachers will always make your child feel like they belong and that they are an important part of our group. We find creative ways to increase your child's participation and we create a positive atmosphere where your child will feel valued, important and accepted.


With our annual recitals and our Parents' Day, children are given many opportunities to perform. Through constructive criticism, a positive and inclusive enviroment and the continued encouragement of their teachers and peers, children gain self-esteem and confidence that can be transfered in other areas of their lives


3. Cooperation & Inclusivity: In our classes, children learn to work and dance together as a group. Your child will learn that they play a valuable role in our group.Teamwork is an important life skill which children develop in our dance class. Children also learn to be supportive, empathatic and respectful of one another. 


4. Fun, Friends, Community & Memories: We make room for fun in all of our dance classes and we strive to make sure that your child is having a great time. There is a strong sense of community at Dancing With Carolyn! Your child will make new friends during class and you will have the opportunity to interact with fellow parents from your neighbourhood.  A lot of great memories are made at Dancing With Carolyn!, whether it be the special gift children receive at our annual recital, the costumes they get to wear and keep, the new friendships that are created, or your child's favourite part of their weekly dance class


5. Focus & Discipline: It's a fact that dancers often succeed very well in academics. In our dance classes, children listen and contribute to the group which helps them develop focus and concentration. This transfers to other importants areas of children's lives such as school


6.Physical Development: Dance helps children develop fine and gross motor skills. It also helps them develop balancespatial awarenesscoordination, flexibilty, strength , endurance and grace. Dance encourages an active lifestyle which is an integral part of a healthy lifelstyle and can help prevent obesity in children. At Dancing With Carolyn!, we believe that dancers come in all shapes and sizes! We don't believe that children or adults need to have a specific body type to become a beautiful dancer. Our classes will promote self-confidence and increase your child's self-esteem


7.Perseverance: Coordination, flexibility, grace, and expressiveness don't usually all come together at once. Practicing is key! At Dancing With Carolyn!, we set age appropriate goals for our students and then give them pointers and constructive critiscism on how to achieve these goals succesfully. Children learn that feedback and constructive critisicm are an important part of learning and improving new skills. Children get excited when they achieve something challenging like the splits that they have been working on for a few weeks. In this highly competetive world, perseverance is a necessary life skill.


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