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"My younger daughter, now almost three years old, has been taking Dancing with Carolyn's preballet classes since shortly after she turned two. We were excited to find the preballet class as there aren't many ballet classes out there for two to three year olds. Carolyn's classes integrate the teaching of basic ballet techniques with play. My daughter's preschool teachers were impressed one day when she announced, "Plie! Plie!" and then proceeded to demonstrate plies for them. Carolyn's extensive experience working with young children is evident as she is able to respond to their individual needs on the spot---drawing them in when they are hesitant, reining them in when they are rambunctious, and reassuring them when they are frustrated---all the while keeping the class flowing and making the experience fun for all. " 







"My daughter has been dancing with Carolyn for over two years. Our experience has been exceptionally positive.

What makes "Dancing with Carolyn" so unique is that it is directed by Carolyn who not only has extensive dancing and dance teaching background but she is also an Ontario Certified Teacher who has qualifications for teaching the primary, junior and intermediate levels, from kindergarten to grade 8. I strongly believe that due to that knowledge, her understanding of the characteristics of the variety of age groups and the needs of the individual participant's is at a high level. This is what makes her dance school so unique. That and being a very nice person.

I would highly recommend "Dancing with Carolyn". If you choose her, you can be assured that your child is not only going to receive a high quality dance instruction but also be in an always encouraging, positive, and flexible dancing and learning environment that is built on the individual's strengths and needs. The real proof is the happy and motivated children who experience a wonderful dance class week after week."

Thank you, Carolyn!"






"Dancing With Carolyn! is the best thing ever!"


-Amelia, 7




"Jazz/Acrobatics is so great because it's fun."

-Lucy, 5



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