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Policies & Invoices




1. Plan your classes so that they are age appropriate and inclusive.

2. Arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of your class to set up and check the space
for any unsafe materials.

3. Lead safe, inclusive and engaging dance classes.

4. Do not let children out of the studio without your supervision. Children who need to
use the bathroom MUST be escorted by a parent or a teacher. If no parent is
available, you must take the whole group to the bathroom with you. Do not let
children go to the water fountain on their own. If children need a water break
(generally only for one-hour classes) please take the whole group. Under no
circumstance should children be left unattended.

5. Communicate with parents in a respectful and professional manner. If there is
problem, please direct them to management and promptly advise management of the

6. Notify management when a child is absent for two consecutive classes.

7. Provide management with an invoice at the end of each month. Keep track of these
as you will need them for tax purposes.

8. If you are given a key to a building, you are fully responsible for that key. Under no
circumstance can these keys be copied. Keys may be given to another staff of
Dancing With Carolyn! only if this has been requested or approved by management.
In the event that a key is lost, you will have to pay the replacement fee which will be
provided by the establishment.




Please be sure to send your invoices after your last class at the end of each month. Once I receive your invoice, you will receive your wages through an etransfer. The password is the same you have used to log on to this page. Click below to see a sample invoice:




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