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Dance Classes in Schools: Primary/Junior Divisions


Dancing With Carolyn! offers a variety of lunch and after-school dance programs in Primary/ Junior schools across the GTA. Carolyn graduated from York University with a BFA in Dance and a B.Ed. She is certified by OCT. She has taught the Ontario Dance Curriculum to Primary, Junior and Intermediate classes. Dancing With Carolyn! classes are led in a non-competitive, safe and inclusive manner. 


Here are some classes that we woud recommend for the different grade levels:


JK/SK-Grade 1

  • Rhythm & Movement 


Grade 1-Grade 6

  • Choreography & Performance

  • Jazz & Hip Hop

  • Ballet


About the classes:


Rhythm & Movement: A fun action-packed class where children will learn a variety of songs and dances. Students will explore dance through creative play while using a variety of props such as bean bags, streamers, scarves, hula hoops and a parachute! 


Choreography & Performance: A great class that will teach chidren how to choreograph their own dances. Students will work individually, in pairs and in groups. Students will be introduced to a variety of methods to generate, teach and learn choreography. At the end, children will be able to perform their choreography.


Jazz & Hip Hop: Fun classes where children will definitely get a work out! Children will learn dance through imagery and play. Classes include a warm up, across the floor, free dance and choreography.


Ballet: Children will learn ballet technique through imagery and creative play. 



Age appropriate music will be used for each class. Classes will be adapted appropriately for the grade level and for the students. Please contact us for prices and availability. 



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