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Important Notes



Please take attendance at the beginning or at the end of each class. You don't have to make it a formal thing (the kids don't need to know you are taking attendance) but this needs to be done. If you find you have late comers in your classes, feel free to take attendance as they come in or when the kids are going acorss the floor. In other words, it doesn't matter to me when you fill out your attendance sheet as long as it gets done. 


*** IF A CHILD IS ABSENT FOR 2 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS, PLEASE NOTIFY ME VIA TEXT OR EMAIL AFTER YOUR CLASS. I cannot stress how important this is! Last spring, we had a few kids drop out of our classes because this step was not followed. When a child misses 2 consecutive weeks, it is easy for me to contact them and I generally will get a response from them. After three missed classes, I rarely get a response from the parents and we've most likely lost a young dancer. So please, keep me informed! 





Our Groupon Deal is back but this time, it is only for 5 classes instead of 10. After 5 classes, a payment must be made so that the student can continue. 


*** On your attendance sheet, you will see two sections. The top section is your regular and typical attendance box which includes all of your students (regular and groupon students). The bottom section is a second attendance box that needs to be filled for each Groupon student. PLEASE FILL IN BOTH ATTENDANCE BOXES EACH WEEK. 




You are expected to dress appropriately for your classes. Dance Wear and most Athletic Wear is considered appropriate. Dancing With Carolyn! has strict dress codes for the students, therefore, teachers are expected to look professional. When teaching Ballet, hair should be up and you should wear ballet slippers or teaching shoes. We expect teachers to set an example for their students. No socks!




If you are teaching Jazz/Hip Hop, Musical Theatre or Acro, please be very aware of your music selection. Avoid songs that include swear words. I know this is not always easy and sometimes we don't even notice that these words are in these songs but kids will notice. When using popular music, please make sure you use the clean/edidted versions of songs. Also be aware of content. Just because the song doesn't include swear words, doesn't mean that the message is particularly clean. If you need help finding music, please let me know. We certainly don't have to switch our playlists to all Disney but please make sure your music is age appropriate. 




It is the beginning of a new term and everyone will be getting lots of emails. I apologize in advance. Please respond to emails in a timely manner (24 hours). 




if you are given a key, please take good care of it! We only have one key for the Danforth Church. If it is lost, you will be responsible for paying the church's replacement fee which in this case in $100. Please do not lose the key!




If you have a current Police Check or preferably a Vulnerable Sector Check, please scan it and email it to me or leave a copy in one of the Dance Bags. If you do not have either, please let me know and we will get you one. 




Like us on Facebook and share our posts! We are a growing business and the more students we get, the more classes I can give you!




We have a great Referral Program for our parents. For each friend they refer who enrols, they receive a $20 discount on their next dance session. When teachers refer new customers who enrol for a term, they will receive $20 on their last invoice of that term as a Referral Bonus.




Dancing With Carolyn! is registrered with Malabar which means that teachers and students will get a discount when shopping there. Please refer our students to Malabar for all their dancewear needs.





As a Teacher's Assistant, you are there to help the Teacher run the classes as smooth as possible. It is your responsibility to deal with parents who may want to watch a class, escort children to the bathroom if their parents are not available, console sad or upset children and assist with behavioral management. Obviously teachers also must deal with parents, sad children and behavioral issues but you are there to help them in any way you can. Teachers are lucky to have you!





Please plan these classses very well and make sure everything flows. At no point, should you be thinking about what you are going to do next. You should already know! Some tips to make these Mommy/Daddy & Me classes go smoothly:


1. Familiarize with the songs you are going to plan BEFORE teaching the class. 

2. Teach the choreography to parents and children before actually doing it with the music.

3. Younger kids generally respond better to props and usually are not too crazy about making a circle. Ease in with circle activities. If kids are reluctant to get a circle, have a back up activity (preferable with props!) planned. 

4. Always have a back up activity in case things don't work out as you had originally planned.

5. Familiarize yourslef with songs (not on cd) that you can sing and use to bring the group together or calm kids down: Sleeping Bunnies, Sticky Sticky Bubblegum, A Baby Shark, Clean up song...


See the Activity Planning Sheet as well as a sample of a filled out planning sheet below to help you plan your first class. Feel free to bring a cheat sheet to your classes. When teaching R&M class, you will be expected to fill out a Planning Sheet for EACH class. Though repetition is great for this age group, try to vary some of the songs you use from week to week. Repeat 2-3 songs and introduce new ones.








1. Classes are held in Bowden Hall. Enter the church from the side entrance on Bowden Street. Go up the stairs and turn left. You are now in Bowden Hall.


2. Parents are not allowed to sit in or take part in any class other than the Rhythm & Movement Class (Mommy & Me). There is a waiting room for parents to wait while children take their class. The windows are tinted but parents should still be able to see. Please close this door before you start your classes. We REALLY want to discourage children from running back and forth to their parents during class. If parents are opposed to having the door closed, you can suggest leaving the door slighlty open but advise them that you may need to close it if this causes a distraction for the children.


3. Bathrooms are a little tricky to find at the Danforth Church. When you are in Bowden Hall, head to the back entrance (opposite from where you originally came in) and go downstairs. I believe there are signs. Turn left before entering the gym for the girls bathroom. The boy's bathroom is located in the gym. Please familiarize yourselves with the locations of these bathrooms so you can clearly tell parents where to find them.


4. Stroller and wagons may be brought up to Bowden Hall or can be left in the small storage space located to your right when you enter the building before going up the stairs.


5. You may at times need to give the floor a quick sweep before starting your classes. There is a broom in the closet way to the right of the parents' waiting room. Please use yur own judgment. We want our students to be dancing on clean floors and we want to make sure everyone is safe.




1. Classes are held in the Studio, the Chapel, and the Fireside Room which is located downstairs.


2. Our Dance Bag is stored in the storage room downstairs. Take the stairs closest to the studio and the storage room will be on your right. Ask for the key at the office.


3. TSP has a strict policy regarding children changing in the hallway. Parents will be aware of this policy but if you see anyone changing in the hallway, please kindly remind them to use the washrooms. You can tell them that this is a request from the church.


4. Parents are not allowed to sit in or take part in any of the classes other than the Rhythm & Movement (Mommy & Me class). Please close the door to your class and encourage parents to watch through the window!






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